Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hurricane Compressor alignment procedure

The compressor consists of one grating, one horizontal retromirror set, and one vertical retro-mirror.
(1). Adjust the grating position horizontally and rotate the grating so that the input beam on the right bottom. The first order diffracted beam out of the grating should be centered on the horizontal retro-mirror without clipping of the spectrum.
(2). Morve the horizontal retro-mirror so that the spatially dispersed spectrum on the grating left bottom. The spectrum on the grating should be the same height as the input beam.
(3). Move and rotate the vertical retro-mirror so that the beam is retrace back to left top of the grating. Make sure the vertical retro-mirror is positioned as close as possible to the input beam without clipping the input beam.
(4). The beam coming out the compressor should be centered to the output port of the Hurricane with beam height equals to 4".
(5). If the beam height is not centered to the output port, one can adjust the y-axis of the vertical retro-mirror to center it.

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