Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How to adjust the Hurricane regen

(1). Blcok the Mai-Tai seed beam.
(2). Disable the Pockel Cell trigger.
(3). Taken the half-wave plate from PC1 postion, put it behind PC2, then rotate this plate to maximumize the output power. (in our case, ~550mW@745nm in free running).
(4). Tune the Evolution green beam last steering mirror to peak the output power.
(5). The output power should not be decrease when centering the iris.
(6). Adjust the half-wave plate to reduce the power minimum.
(7). Mark half-wave plate, then move it back to PC1 postion.
(8). Adjust the seed beam steering mirrors to make the time gap between free runing pulse and seed pulse around 70 ns.

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