Thursday, March 02, 2006

Check SCRF-1 and SCR independently

I removed SCR Firing Circuit SCRF-1 (ERATRON FPE 202 D30) and SCR (Powerex CM431290) from M03 board. Mike connected them (circuit shwon as yesterday) to check them independently. The firing angle input was a pulse with amplitude of 0~5 V and duration of 140 ms, pin 7 of SCRF-1 connected to ground. An 1:4 step down transform was connected to SCR out port. When we tuned the firing angle amplitude, we measured the transform secondary wave form. Actually we have not found anything wrong of these measured parts, the output could be adjusted by tuning the firing angle amplitude. We will send pulses generated by C-2154 board to SCRF-1 for checking the output tomorrow.

I also filled the new gases into the LLG-TWIN excimer and ran the front end system.

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