Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wavelength Measurement of Coherent Innova 90

We ran the old Coherent INNOVA 90 Ar ion laser for new interferometer measurement in the new target chamber. We are not sure the output wavelength, so I used the CVI spectrometer to measure it.

Wavelength selection is dependent on the type of rear mirror holder. The INNOVA 90 can be operated with either of two types of rear mirror holders: a multiline mirror holder which produces operation in the all lines, or the Model 934 Wavelength Selector which produces operation in the single line.

For multiline operation, the multiline mirror holder should be used. When switching from single line operation to multiline operation, peak the output at 488.0 nm for argon system. The wavelength calibratiors located on the control panel should be set to read 488 nm for multiline argon operation.

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