Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Relay K3

I ran the system after tightening the charging resistor connector, unfortunately the high voltage still could not apply to the caps. The circuit breaker (CB1 as shown in the picture) was switched off after several minutes. Mike helped me to check the circuit drawing, we guessed the problem may be from the relays K2 and K3, so I measured the voltages crossing them. The relay K2 worked well. But the voltage cross resistor R1 was ~30V, it means the K3-1 connect is very bad.

I removed the relay K3, found the connect pin was very dirty and the connect surface was so rough. The shape of one pin was changed, so that it could not attached the wire connector well. The relay model is P25P42A22P1-120, the manufactory is Potter & Brumfield. I ordered it from Newark online.

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