Saturday, November 26, 2005

Trigger enerator for Rail Gap

We guessed the rail gap trigger may effect the x-ray gun trigger, so I wanted to check the rail gap trigger generator. I pulled out the Rail Gap trigger enerator 40151-B and disassembled it this morning. I did not find any disconnect inside the oil tank, please look at the right picture. Then Sankar and I cleaned the spark gap switch, using Scoth-Brite to polish the electrodes. The irradiation electrode was also polished carefully.
In the afternoon we adjusted the distance between the irradiation electrode and the middle electrode. The breakdown voltage of the irradiation electrode gap is about 1.2 kV, which is the value in the mannul. Then we put back the spark gap switch into the oil tank. I did not find any leak from the spark gap switch. I will try to test this trigger generator tomorrow.


Dr. Rhodes said...

From: Rhodes, Charles Kirkham
Date: Sat, November 26, 2005 7:07 pm

Very good work by you and Sankar. We need to check everything.
Let's see what happens tomorrow. I am still trying to locate Gary
Loda in California, the person who built the machine.



Anonymous said...

email me about gary loda at