Sunday, November 27, 2005

The spark gap switch leaking

When I turned on the trigger generator this morning, I found the gas pressure could not be applied to 60 psi. I heard gas leak sound in the generator oil tank, it must be a big leakage in the spark gap switch. So I moved out the switch and found oil totally filled into the spark gap. The spark gap was determinate by the oil. The leakage may be caused by the spark gap holes and the gas pipe connectors, the connect holes were very crispy, one was broken when I tried to remove it, the edge of the other was lightly cracked.

The connectors and O-ring looked very bad, I wanted to replace them, however I could not find the same connectors in the lab, I will order them from Swagelok tomorrow. I also will ask Kiven to remove the debris from the spark gap hole, otherwise I could not put new connector. In case this spark gap does not work, I contacted the General Atomics (formerly Maxwell Lab. Inc.) to order a new spark gap.

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Prof. Rhodes said...

Date: Sun, November 27, 2005 10:17 pm

It is good to find this problem now. The plastic probably ages
becoming brittle over time from exposure to radiation. Do we have
any more gaps of this kind? They most likely will have a similar
defect. We should immediately order a new gap with delivery as
quickly as possible. Any similar gaps should also be replaced.
Finally, what is the status of the situation with Bill Cramer? He
has the experience we need, but may lack the time. We really have to
get this machine back in operating condition.