Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Spark gap fixed

I asked Kevin to remove the broken piece from the spark gap holes. He told me that the broken part is not very serious, we can use this spark gap. I also send email to General Atomics company, but I have not received the reply yet. So I tried to use the old one, better than nothing.

I received the tube fittings from McMaster-Carr at 4:00pm this afternoon, I found the ordered connectors not match our part well. I changed the broken one, the other connector was not replaced. After assmebly, I did not put it into the oil tank but test the gas leakage. Firstly there was a big leak from the connector. After using new O ring and more teflon tape, tightening the tube connector, I did not find the leak more. I will put the spark gap into the oil tank tomorrow.

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