Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Compressor Alignment Procedure

I concentrated on the pulse compressor these days. Several motors were used to control two big 1200 line/mm gratings. The motors were controlled by Aerotech UNIDEX 511 motion controller. The computer interface program was written in LabView. It's easy to change the grating reflected angles and distances by rotating a hand wheel. The alignment procedure is:

1). Steering the mirrors to center the beam in the grating G1.
2). Set G1 to 0 degree to check the retro reflection.
3). Set G1 to Littrow angle (28.76 in our case) by adjusting the rock.
4). Change G1 to 13.358 for deviation.
5). Set G2 angle 26.716 for 0 degree back reflection checking.
6). Set G2 angle 55.48 for Littrow checking.
7). Set G1 and G2 both 13.358 degree.

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