Friday, April 27, 2007

VORPAL: Versatile Plasma Simulation Code

VORPAL enables researchers to simulate complex physical phenomena in less time and at a much lower cost than empirically testing process changes for plasma and vapor deposition processes. VORPAL offers a unique combination of physical models to cover the entire range of plasma simulation problems. Laser wakefield accelerators, plasma thrusters, high-power microwave guides, and plasma processing chambers are only a few of the many applications benefiting from the powerful, parallel algorithms incorporated into the VORPAL framework. Ionization and neutral gas models enable VORPAL to bridge the gap between plasma and neutral flow physics. The software runs on a wide range of computing platforms, from desktop machines to massively parallel supercomputers with thousands of processors. The use of standard data formats allows data analysis at various levels of sophistication, including your own preferred data analysis tool.

Source: Tech-X Corporation

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