Tuesday, April 03, 2007

EUV Tool Produces Images

This was just announced today on Photonics web.

The $65 million EUV ADT, developed by Netherlands-based ASML Holding NV, a supplier of advanced lithography tools, will be essential in development of the infrastructure for EUV lithography and is considered the most likely technology for insertion into manufacturing as early as the 32-nm computer chip device node, based on cost-effectiveness and ability to extend to future nodes, according to ASML.

I am very courious about this EUV source, how can they produce a 32 nm laser for lithography? There is no answer from the Photonicsweb report. I did not get answer from College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the University at Albany (UAlbany). Fortunately ASML tell us it's the plasma physics to produce this short wavelength:

The light source for EUV is a gas through which a high-voltage electrical charge (or high energy photons) is sent. This ionizes the gas, separating the nucleus of the atoms from the electrons, thereby creating a plasma, a very hot cloud of ions. As the electrons attempt to return to the nucleus, they emit a burst of light, which has a very short wavelength of 13.5 nm.

For more information visit: EUV Lithography: The next generation

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