Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MaxCam CM 1-1

In order to measure the UV beam effctively, we bought a low cost, high QE, back-thinned CCD camera from Fingre Lakes Instrumentation.

Camera Serial Number: 2357 04
Sensor Type: Class 1 / 512 x 512 / 24um pixels E2V CCD 77-01-1-390
Lab Ambient Temperature: 23 C

Setup measurement
Temperature sensor ok: checked
Shutter opens fully: checked
Shutter closes fully: checked
Window clean on both surfaces: checked
CCD free of dust: checked

0.2 torr rise time > 90 seconds: checked
Fresh desiccant: checked
Argon filled: checked

No scratches or marks on Case: checked
Shutter test properly: checked
Serial number label is present: checked

Image Quality
CCD test temperature: -15 C
Camera achieves T greater than: 37 C
Mean bias level of bias frame: 2367
Standard deviation @ test temp, small area: 3.3
Mean saturation level: 65535
Noise distribution is random: checked
Bias frame histogram is Gaussian: checked
Standard test target appearance ok: checked
Bias over scan frame saved as 2357 04 bias OS -15C. fts
Light frame saved as: 2357 04 lgt -15C.fts
Flat field frame saved as: 2357 04 ff -15C.fts

Software A/D serial Number: #3329

Final Check, no frost visible@ -15 C

Tested by: Dave Johnson October 13, 2006

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Finger Lake Instruments said...

External Triggering

The IMG's RJ11 connector next to the USB connector has 6 pins. Pin 1 is closest to the USB connector.

Pin 2 is electrical ground and Pin 3 is the logic input. (This input has a 3.3K pullup resistor to +5V).

The camera can be triggered by shorting pin 3 to pin 2.

In FLIGrab:
1. Run FLIGrab
2. Select the Shutter Control
3. On the pull down menu, select 'External trigger on LOW'
4. Press Done
5. Open the Grab Menu
6. Select desired frame and exposure settings
7. Click the Grab button
8. Short pin 3 to pin 2
9. The shutter will trigger

Note that the trigger can be changed to a rising edge input (pin 3 goes from 0V to +5V) by selecting External trigger HIGH in the hutter
control menu.

Also note that if you cannot find the 6 pin RJ cable, you can use a 4 pin cable!! With a 4 pin cable, the wire closest to the USB connector makes contact with pin 2 on the RJ-11 connector.

Therefore, for a 4 pin cable, connect the wire closest to the USB connector to ground and use the second wire as the trigger signal.