Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Timing for whole system

It's very import to synchronize the seed laser pulse with the Prometheus. In our old system, a 10 ms delay time has been added before the seed pulse was sent to Promtheus, which made it very easy to trigger the gas nozzle when the laser beam reached. However, in the new system it's only about 2 microseconds was given. We had to trigger the nozzle using the former laser pulse, which made the nozzle time delay more than 2.5 seconds when the system were run at 0.4Hz. I changed the system timing shown as the right diagram. The Prometheus will be fired when the next seed laser pulse comes, which will give the later equipment enough time(~250ms @ 0.4Hz) to be adjusted. I think this is better than 2.5 seconds time delay.

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