Friday, March 24, 2006

ERATRON FPE 202 D30 Circuit board

Mike already removed all IC chips and put the sockets for pluging easily. He wants to replace all the IC chips from IC1 to IC8 and transistors Q1 to Q3. Until now we received the chips except IC4 and IC5.

IC1TL084CNLow Noise JFET Quad OpAmp
IC2CD4093BE14-Dip Quad 2In Schmit Trgr
IC3LM741CNOperational Amplifier
IC4MC14027BDual JK Flip-Flop
IC5CD4046BECMOS Micropower Phase-Locked Loop
IC6TC084CNLow Noise JFET Quad OpAmp
IC8CD4082BECMOS Dual 4-input AND gate
Q1J113N-Channel Switch
Q2MPS A13NPN Darlington Transistor
Q3MPS A13NPN Darlington Transistor

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