Friday, February 17, 2006

SCR control unit

Mike helped to fix the C-2154 board, we measured the firing angle signal independently and found it very well. However, the high voltage could not be controlled. Even the firing angle signal has not been sent to the SCR control unit, there was a high voltage output. We could measure the current as soon as switched on the high voltage without the firing angle. This caused the whole system breakdown, we must check the SCR and its control unit next Monday.

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Randy said...

I have looked at your recent activities on the blog and conclude:

(1) Some problems are due to others mechanically assembling items incorrectly.
(2) Similarly, some electrical connections have been made incorrectly.
(3) Some parts and marginal circuit layouts have resulted in high voltage induced failures.
(4) There have been some low level part failures for reasons unknown.
(5) Presently, there appears to be some problem that is causing the power resistors to overheat. This problem is exasperated by not having measured waveforms to compare present faulty operation to reference waveforms when the system is operating correctly. I would suggest operating the system at reduced voltages and repetition rates in order to provide opportunity to measure what is happening rather than running the system to failure. Also, only one thryatron bank (North or South) should be operated until problems are understood and resolved.

I think that this makes the case for going through each subsystem and understanding how it works, measure waveforms, document results, etc.