Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Prometheus running

I changed the north bank thyratron CX1585 firstly. I replaced the damaged rectifier diodes ECG 5912 as soon as I received diodes from moyerelectronics. When everything was installed, I tried to run the system this afternoon, it's fantastic to hear the shooting sound again. I measured the CX1585 filament voltage, it's about 6.1 V DC. The x-ray gun cathode pulse could move forward to match the x-ray anode peak, the x-ray flux was measured about 2.5 mR/h.

The passivation was proceeded later, I filled a little bit fluorine gas into 1.2 bar He-filled chamber. In the beginning, the emission light was red, after running a couple of minutes, the light became white. Then I filled a little bit more fluorine gas, this time the red light kept almost one hour until I found a 10 k Ohm resistor was burning. This resistor was connected to the big transformer, it was very hot when the system running. Maybe because the temperature was too high, the connector was burned and the resistor became very crisp. It was broken as I took it out. Anyway I must put a new resistor tomorrow.

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