Friday, December 16, 2005

Cleaning the 0.3 uF caps

This morning Mike helped me to measure three capacitors. We used Hipotronics 30kV 5mA power supply, connected 10k Ohm resistor and measured capacitor. When the voltage was slowly increased to 30kV, the current was around less than 0.1mA. It means the caps were good. We only heard a little click from one cap, it may be caused by the dirty surface. So I cleaned all the capacitors, then installed after drying.

I tested the system again in the afternoon, however I could hear the click sound from the oil tank, the voltage could not reach 150 kV anymore. I could not receive any signal from X-ray meter. I heard crack noise from the top oil tank at the same time. When I measured the voltage of the south bank and north bank, I found the north bank voltage was fine, but the south bank voltage was missed one to two per 10 shots. I am wondering if the rail gap trigger effects the x-ray gun? I plan to clean the top oil tank next Monday.

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